The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest update.

  • Updated encyclopedia to show if a particular level, room, or unit has been unlocked. Otherwise it’ll show corruption level to unlock.
  • Fixed last few projectile issues causing lockups.
  • Resolved issue where daily challenge was crashing on load due to changes to quest system interfering.
  • Switched the news feed to Quarter Onion website.
  • Resolved issue where potions weren’t working outside combat due to a unit being confused, charmed, or stunned leaving an encounter, and that unit was currently active.
  • Resolved issue where resurrecting a unit in town portal and then attempting to add abilities to that character caused errors.
  • Resolved issue where heroic challenge modifier in daily challenges would lock up due to there only being 9 normal heroic abilities currently and it requires 10. Heroic challenge now pulls from normal and uncommon to have a larger variety.
  • Miniboss rooms (non special versions) cannot spawn in the first 3 rooms adjacent to the entrance. This should allow players to get a few other encounters knocked out first to build up some abilities.
  • First pass on isometric map from requests. Still needs some work.
  • Town/town portal now properly respects gold amount. Buttons will disable and not allow drag if the player does not have enough.
  • Increased the size of box colliders to fix the issue with clicking small enemies
  • Resolved issue in daily challenge mode where modifiers were overwriting the changes from other modifiers.
  • Updated the shops update text
  • IsFurious modifier in daily challenge now only affects the party.  Previously it would allow all enemies to have constant fury which would be way overpowered.
  • The 3 challenge modifiers are now shown at the top middle of the game along with tooltips to remind players what is affecting that run.
  • Learned abilities during an encounter now show as a row on the top right along with tooltips to easily determine what abilities have been observed so far.
  • Text system from before has been revamped to support up to 3 messages at the same time, with the latest message at the bottom.  Each message fades out after a delay. More notifications are now pushed to this system per turn.
  • Resolved issue where max corruption did not show an icon under the party member’s portrait as there is technically not trait at max but instead is a fury ability.  The system now shows the highest trait level icon + tooltip to allow players to see what type of corruption occurred.
  • Added duration to the ability along with the tooltip already showing cooldown amount.  This also does not show anymore on trait tooltips.
  • Resolved issue where the max corruption daily modifier was being applied to all units, not just the party.  Also resolved issue where the system was only adding corruption but not actually applying the traits and fury ability.
  • Updated all final props in various rooms to allow mouse over and clicks to activate prop.  Rooms affected are: Arcanium, Boss, Cistern, Entrance, Laboratory, Mausoleum, Observatory, Outpost, Shrine, Summoning Room, and Temple.
  • Quality of life updates to the overall game UI, including shifting the score to top middle, the timer to bottom middle (back to old UI layout) and the additional elements detailed above.
  • Finally resolved issue where tooltips could go off screen.  They will finally stay put.

Unless there are any major issues, this will be the beta candidate which should be official next week.  We’ll then be focusing on the remaining bug fixes, polish, and any tweaks we need to iron our gameplay from internal tests. Anyone without keys that is interested in providing feedback, please visit our keymailer account at to submit a request.

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