The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest update.

  • Traits which add a long running change to a character now show on status effects above that character. This now includes status protect, constant drain, regeneration, trait absorb, and undead. All other traits will still be in the stats window.
  • Fixed issue with “Blinded Sight” daily modifier where even the Ember Shards would not provide an ability as per the modifier’s description.  Options menu now contains all current hotkeys.
  • Extended the welcome message at top left of main menu for longer names to fit without a new line.
  • Added transparent gray background to all menu windows.
  • Testing a new replacement font. Will require interface adjustments to realign.
  • Resolved issue where armor increasing abilities did not show the proper value in UI.
  • Resolved issue where max health increases did not apply health increase as well.
  • Resolved issue where negative stat effects could never be applied to any unit due to the way the checks were made when modifying the stat.
  • Power level is now randomized on learned and purchasable abilities. The randomization is determined via the ability’s tier. Power level directly affects most effect output and shows on tooltips. Currently power level does not affect pure status effects and summons. System is very WIP.
  • Resolved issue where due to the way traits setup tool-tips, it was causing an error with the recent random power level system.
  • Damage shields now reflect a percentage of incoming damage back at attacker making them more useful. Unlike reflect, damage still gets through though. It functions as a poor man’s reflect for damage only whereas reflect is 100% any effect.
  • Added button to allow exiting the map. M key still also works to toggle.
  • Increased size of font on unit bars as the font change made the text too small to read.
  • Added “Learned Abilities” text below the bar shown inside an encounter that updates when abilities are learned.
  • Added slot in top right of quest window showing the currently selected quest as there was confusion as to which quest was going to be set for the run.
  • Resolved a spelling error in the town/town portal.
  • Locked quests still show their icons plus tooltip along with the corruption level required to unlock. They cannot be clicked until unlocked.
  • Visual revamp of the target and turn markers to contrast better on all themes.
  • Melee target restrictions removed.
  • Added welcome pop up window that explains the status of build, directs to “How to play” in encyclopedia for new players, and explains the tutorial system.
  • Added tutorial screens for selecting quest, party, and what can be done in town at the start.
  • Added panel that will hold all in-game tutorial notifications (WIP).

Anyone without keys that is interested in providing feedback, please visit our keymailer account at to submit a request.

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