Updated Patch Notes for June 17

The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest update.

  • Corruption earned in a run (max 300 if all 3 characters hit 100%) is saved between runs. This will result in earning corruption levels which will begin to unlock new content over time such as subclasses, new classes, rooms, etc.
  • Quest system now “complete” with all unlocks in place. Can select any quest on the quest screen in a more visual interface. Base game is surface and caves. First few quicker corruption levels unlock remainder of levels.
  • Once levels are unlocked, specialty rooms outside a certain subset now unlock per corruption level. These will be utilized by procedural map generation as they are available.
  • Once rooms are unlocked, subclasses will now unlock and are now accessible via the new party selection.
  • Party selection now follows quest selection. It starts with the usual setup. You can now have any combination of heroes (3 of same, 2 + 1, whatever). Subclasses can now be selected at bottom of each character slot when unlocked, and future classes can be easily added post launch.
  • After party selection, you can now use a starting amount of gold (testing 1000) to spend in town. Same interface as town portal. Can get potions, or specialize the abilities as you see fit or save the gold.
  • Resolved issue where tooltips would be too large. Has helped a lot with tooltips going off screen but not completely fixed until beta.
  • Resolved issue with occasional crashes accessing town portal with new timed shop system. It was expecting a full 10 abilities every time you entered, and therefore crashed if you bought something and re-entered it.
  • In ability loot window and town portal, reordered the characters at bottom to align with their positions in each room. This was required as you can now have 3 of the same character and wouldn’t be able to easily tell which one you were adding abilities too.
  • Resolved issues with a handful of abilities with bad visual effects causing errors/crashes.
  • Final pass on rooms (some still being tweaked in beta period).
  • Additional safety checks if an empty ability button is clicked. Normally impossible as the buttons are disabled, but checking to see if this resolves the rare null reference error I’m seeing on button press in logs.
  • Shifted the persistent corruption bar into the quest window where its more pertinent.
  • Added Discord button to main menu.
  • Resolved potential bug during corruption fight where due to order of operations, if the initial character was killed before killing the enemy party members, they could attempt to take a turn before the encounter reorganized everything.


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