The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest changeset 814 update. This build is the launch candidate for release on August 13th.

  • Combat log pop in/pop out effect was not ideal. Now just appears/disappears
  • Targeting should now definitely be probably fixed, maybe – Tab to cycle targets is working again
  • Encounter wasn’t working like AoE for mirror image negation and is fixed
  • Looks like subclasses were hooked to the wrong characters on party select for 0 and 1 slots and is now fixed
  • If all party members die in corruption fight, the game should now properly end with no corrupted boss
  • Investigated characters instantly dying when resurrected and added some safety checks
  • Investigated confused characters getting stuck and added some safety checks to ensure input cannot happen
  • Settings now saved on EndOfRun and PartyDead screens to save out corruption
  • Investigated how options menu works as it still has issues. Checked through save/load routines as we were only applying the volume at load but ignoring the mutes if they were saved. Also potentially resolved issues in the resolution setup as we’re showing resolutions not even supported by the game (should only be 16:9 and 16:10)
  • Tooltips only showed properly on 1920 x 1080. They now stay within the screen space for all supported resolutions
  • Fixed debug scores in daily challenge (I do not have 90000 points anymore, and the two debug test players are removed)
  • Added text next to the corruption bars on EndOfRun and PartyDead to show amount for what was earned in that run
  • Targeting in tooltips now explains what it does as a first pass to explaining special cases
  • Switched back to centered combat log text
  • Colorized chat log messages similar to floaty text
  • Adjusted unit bar to support 3 wide status effects, and 2 rows above. This resolves some issues where too many effects flowed over the turn bar, but can present an issue where many effects go under the learned abilities bar in some encounters
  • Continued investigation of icons used in ability and town portal windows, and added some more safety checks
  • As a first pass on crowd control having a diminishing return, rooms now have a defined cap for amount of crowd control used (either side) before all units become immune. This will eventually expand to be more diminishing returns, but the value is high enough to still make it useful per encounter
  • Exiting a run brings the player to the party death screen and applies the usual score corruption gain. This also provides an out if a player is stuck in a never ending corruption fight
  • Reintroduced credits page in main menu
  • Removed lore temporarily from game
  • Add voices for gambling hall, tavern, and town portal when entering and purchasing something
  • Updated a handful of shop-based texts for grammar issues
  • Fixed positioning of earned corruption at bottom of end of run and party dead as it was too close to edge
  • Disabled party dead sound in when closing the party dead screen so it doesn’t continue playing on main menu
  • Theme ambience was never disabled when going to main menu and now shuts off properly
  • Removed extra line at the bottom of challenge modifiers and difficulty tooltips

The team is really excited as we are preparing to launch the game on August 13th.  Our community continues to be awesome as they provide the necessary feedback  enabling us to launch a quality game in Emberlight.  We listened to everyone opinions and did our best to incorporate your ideas in the game. Thank you for supporting us!

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