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Emberlight – State of the Game


So we have finally reached the finish line (of sorts) for Emberlight. What does that mean for Emberlight over the next few months? And more

Emberlight – State of the Game2019-08-14T11:24:59-05:00

Updated Patch Notes for August 1 (Launch Candidate)


The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest changeset 814 update. This build is the launch candidate

Updated Patch Notes for August 1 (Launch Candidate)2019-08-02T15:28:24-05:00

Emberlight’s Roadmap


Emberlight's Roadmap Launch (August 13) With the recent announcement of Emberlight reaching alpha, we are fast approaching launch. We wanted to breakdown our

Emberlight’s Roadmap2019-07-09T16:14:29-05:00