Emberlight is now ready to release on both Steam and Discord on August 13th.  We made the following tweaks to the game in the latest patch build .818.

  • Tweaked quest selection tutorial due to recent feedback to be more explicit in how the window works.
  • Tweaked the entrance room tutorial that pops up to have a quick tip on navigation as folks have gotten stuck on this in multiple streams/videos. The tutorial for navigation still gets added as well.
  • Locked quests on the quest window now are grayed out but still allow tooltips (to show corruption level to unlock) and cycling through them.
  • Added Steamworks fully to launch build. Will eventually support achievements and cloud saves. For now, it will grab the display name to show in top left (previously either randomized a name or grabbed the Discord display name).
  • Debug mode has been disabled for launch build.
  • Adjustments to game UI to ensure that no input can happen during either an enemy’s turn, or with a party member that is charmed, confused, or stunned. Still working to fix the character getting stuck that occasionally happens.
  • Adjusted damage shield tooltip text to say that it reflects damage back onto attacker.
  • Adjusted reflect tooltip text to say it reflects all abilities back onto attacker.

Join our popular Discord Community Server at www.discord.gg/quarteronion to discuss Emberlight. We are ready for launch!