The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest Changeset 825 update.

  • Resolved issue where diminishing returns/hard cap on crowd control was not working properly. It now properly recognizes dimishing returns (there is a test per attempt to use) along with a hard cap (after 10 full uses in a room, CC will not work). This should help with a few encounters that overloaded CC (wolves and werewolf encounters, critter encounter with 3 rats, and Ratman miniboss) as well as corruption fight with CC-heavy party members.
  • Raised floaty text above the status effects area. It will also raise higher with many status effects.
  • Resolved issue where the Blaze Knight, when having multiple turns in succession, didn’t rotate back to starting rotation in between turns. This was fixed before launch, but accidentally commented out in a recent update.
  • Leaderboard numbers now start at 1 position as opposed to 0.
  • Added roadmap image as a clickable button to bottom left of main menu. This opens browser to the State of the Game article for details on the future of Emberlight.

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