Thank you everyone for supporting Emberlight. Here is a list of things we added or changed based on the community’s suggestions.

Here are the highlights

  • How to play removed from encyclopedia due to tutorial system ingame. Defaults to locations tab.
  • Resolved the abilities and town portal windows still having the rare case of an icon being stuck on the screen
  • For effects with absorb and mirror image which stay active until used up, duration now goes down to 0 versus negative before
  • Adjustments made to better support multi-monitor setups
  • Added Windowed mode back into options. Seems stable, but we’ll need more testing to be 100% (Need to check the box then uncheck it to enable. Will be adjusted in next update)
  • Finally, maybe, hopefully resolved the rare wander creature bug
  • Tweaks to order of operations when handling death to see if this resolves the rare bug where sometimes an enemy is at 0hp and yet doesn’t die with the turn system getting stuck
  • Potions now function the way they worked before where multiple can be used in a cleared room
  • Tooltips for potions button are now always active to show potion amount regardless of situation or if there’s 0
  • Game log can now be disabled in the options menu if you find it intrusive

If you have any more suggestions, feeling chatty, or need support, simply join our community on Discord to speak with us.

— Quarter Onion Games