Emberlight AMA   has ended at 11 pm EDT.  We will continue to all your answer questions on the thread as they come in.

Have you watched the launch trailer, or better yet tried the game on Steam/Discord/Itch.io, and wondered what was going through our heads when we created Emberlight?  Why am I killing off my own party?  I have to kill my old corrupted Pyromancer with his Brutal Charge, Meteor Strike, and Nova?!

Well fear not, because we don’t know what was going through our heads.  But we have the next best thing to answering these and other questions you may have!  We will be hosting a Reddit AMA on /Games at 8pm EDT (GMT-5) on Sunday (August 18th). We will post the full Reddit link prior to the chat on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, as well as update this post.

While you wait, you can listen in on the interview we had with Fragments of Silicon on July 3rd.

  • The Quarter Onion Games team