Welcome to Emberlight!

Quarter Onion Games would like to introduce everyone to Emberlight, a roguelike dungeon crawler that incorporates absorbing enemy abilities in a race against their corruption.  Explore procedurally generated dungeons as your party works to complete difficult quests in the name of the Ember Order.  But be warned:  the very Ember powers used to defeat your enemies will corrupt your very soul.

What is Emberlight?

Previously we had worked on a game called Imagine Nations that combined many genres into one cohesive game.  In Imagine Nations, autonomous AI-driven cultures would start in an early technological age and begin going many separate ways as their goals progressed.  The player was merely a member of the same culture and could interact as they saw fit, whether becoming a hero, a leader, a villain, a loner, or anything in between.

As time progressed, the scale of the project went a bit beyond what our team could do in any reasonable time frame as volunteers.  We still wanted to achieve the vision of many genres coming together, but we needed to approach it more reasonably.  And so, we decided to break apart Imagine Nations into its individual genre parts.

Emberlight focuses on very humble beginnings with the dungeon crawling/RPG elements we were aiming for in Imagine Nations.   It combines the tried and true elements of roguelikes (turn-based combat, procedural dungeons, permadeath) and adds a twist (your loot is abilities you learn via enemies using it, at the cost of corruption which has undefined results to each run).  We see Emberlight as the starting point, with later incarnations of Emberlight getting closer and closer to a modern RPG.

So what happened to Warkeep?

The short answer:  nothing.  It is still at the stage we had left it months ago.  With a bit more time, and with some funding, we can properly finish it to the quality we’d like to achieve and that most likely is our plans during the year.

The long answer:  we had looked at where it was going and how long we’d been in development on the game, and wanted to look into a few new avenues.  The first of which was potential sponsorship of the game as the core functionality is complete.  While nothing is set in stone at this time in regards to sponsorship (we’ll let everyone know when we know), we are looking at these avenues once Emberlight launches to push Warkeep as our first mobile game.  Overall, we felt the development of Emberlight was easier while it was a game that we have all been itching to develop before we started working on Warkeep.

If you were looking forward to Warkeep as a quick and fun casual game for phones, rest assured that we will launch it.  And if the sponsorship goes through, everyone will be in for a very big surprise (in more ways than one).  So keep an eye out on the Warkeep website for news throughout the year.

The 2019 Roadmap

Emberlight is approaching launch within the next month or so.  We’ve been hard at work ironing out the bugs, and finishing the last bit of content.  Once we’re fully confident the game is stable and to the quality we’re after, we’re aiming to launch it on the Discord store (if they would be willing to allow us) or Steam if we cannot launch initially on Discord.

We have a laundry list of updates planned for Emberlight throughout 2019 if the launch goes well:

  • Co-op mode between 3 players to work their way through the quest semi-cooperatively (there can be only one at the end)
  • Dungeon Master mode which allows a 4th player to custom build a quest and encounter, and then have the other 3 players play through it while the Dungeon Master tells a story (we particularly love this one)
  • Shared corrupted bosses between all players to see who truly has created a boss that cannot be beaten (second best after Dungeon Master mode)
  • Multiple new themes that take the player to the top of mountains, the gates of hell, and the dark depths.
  • New units, abilities, traits, and more.
  • And plenty more.

As our end goal is the “glueing” so to speak of multiple genres together, at some point in 2019 we will begin development of our second game, a side scrolling city sim called Realmcyte.  We’ll have more details over time, but the end goal will be a game that handles the city sim aspects that Imagine Nations focused on.  This will also start to see potential intercommunication between Realmcyte players (providing quests for Emberlight players), and Emberlight players (completing those quests which provides bonuses to those towns.

Finally in 2020, we will begin developing our final game of this first pass which is currently unnamed.  This game will be a tactical RPG/strategy game.  With this also presents our end goal of what we call “Trinity” currently.  At this time, we plan to have shards setup that allow all three games to interact asynchronously to create a living, breathing world.  Each player has a niche they fill to allow their allies to control their lands and expand.

We expect to have plenty more news throughout the year after Emberlight launches.  Please stay tuned over the next month for more details on Emberlight and everything else we have planned.  If you’d like to stop on top of the day to day development, please visit our Discord server at http://bit.ly/qogdiscord to get real time updates or join our Patreon community to become a VIP and gain access to alpha builds.

Post Date
February 1st, 2019