Quarter Onion Games is proud to announce the launch of the Warkeep closed alpha!  With the core features built in and largely working, we are looking to iron out the core and ensure the game is balanced and fun.  Once we’re confident we’ve hit the goals we strove for at the start of Warkeep’s development, we will build in the remaining features and begin open beta.

How do I join closed alpha?

Please join our Discord server and the latest builds will be available in the #builds channel.  We will be setting up a new system shortly to allow access to the builds via direct platforms like Steam, Google Play, App Store, etc.  Updates will be provided in the #general channel.

What if I can’t test currently?

If you can’t test but still want to support Warkeep’s development, we invite you to become our patrons through Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/quarteronion). This will give you special access in Discord to speak directly to the team (especially as we ramp up testing and it becomes harder to respond to everyone in general chat) as well as other long term perks.

The Future!

In terms of Warkeep development, we’ve reached a stage where its more fleshing out than anything else.  If the core works smoothly, we will add in the leveling mechanism within MyKeep as well as the shop to allow spending of resources.  From there, we should be full speed ahead for the official launch.

As mentioned in the demo post, if Warkeep doesn’t particularly fit your style of gameplay, this is the first of 3 games that will be tied together by a framework we’ve touched upon in the forums (https://www.quarteroniongames.com/forums/topic/whats-on-the-horizon/). We will be providing more information about the other two as their demos are fleshed out, as well as the framework we discuss in the post.

We hope everyone enjoys the closed alpha, and please let us know of any critiques or issues you may have about it. Whether its on our Discord server, through our forums, or via email, we will get back to you asap!

– Quarter Onion Games