Quarter Onion Games
Based in Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Founding date:
January 1, 2017


Press / Business contact:



966 Patrick Place
Chalfont, PA 18914



Quarter Onion Games is an indie game studio focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms.  This will be accomplished through addictive and fun games combined with platforms that preserve the single player charm while allowing the community to come together and accomplish larger goals within the connected games.  Our target platforms will initially be mobile and PC, with expansion into console when the games best supports it. Our first game is Emberlight, a roguelike dungeon crawler that incorporates absorbing enemy abilities in a race against their corruption.  Two other projects are in conceptual stages that will build off of Emberlight and provide the framework for interaction between all 3 games in exciting new ways.  A fourth mobile game, Warkeep, is temporarily on hiatus as a potential sponsorship deal is in the works.  Development will continue once it is finalized.


Early history

Quarter Onion Games was founded in January of 2017 between William Phelps and Michael Hahn. William attended Full Sail University between 2007-2009 and planned on working to use his training to build quality games, while Michael Hahn came onboard around 2012 to help support the business and marketing side.

The goals

The goal was to build quality games that would support all platforms. Previous ventures throughout the years tested concepts related to "fusion" where there would be a game that combined nearly all genres to allow any type of player to try it out. The theory was that by having all genres represented, someone would both enter the game via the genre they were comfortable with while being able to try out games they'd never purchase normally and open new horizons.

The projects

Emberlight, and the two other projects that derive off the earlier Imagine Nations concept, are aimed to be smaller, more concise games focusing exclusively on one genre and having a much quicker development cycle. This was in response to the many years put into Imagine Nations that had slowed down development without any sort of funding.

The future

With these projects established, we then plan on building a framework to allow the games to work together to get closer to the Imagine Nations concept. The end goal is an asynchronous multiplayer concept where many small and larger games can function largely "single player" while affecting a greater canvas with their actions.



Emberlight Launch Trailer YouTube

Emberlight Announcement Trailer YouTube


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There are far more images available for Quarter Onion Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

William Phelps
Creative Director, Programmer

Michael Hahn
Marketing Director, Designer

Xyla Fox
Designer, Artist

Kevin Phelps
QA, Designer

Bailea Jenkins-Franklin
Designer, Writer

Matt Kane
Designer, Marketing

Andey Fellowes

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