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Wizard Auto-Defense

Outside of the wizard being able to teleport your armies to and from an enemy to greatly reduce travel time (currently set initially to 8 hours to arrive at an enemy, and 4 hours to return with logistics tech tree to reduce by up to half), there is a concept for the wizard to be hired to auto-defend a MyKeep.  This concept incurs an initial cost to activate based on the level of the wizard (upgraded via the tech tree), and a daily upkeep cost.

When an army arrives, if the wizard is activated, he immediately auto-resolves the attack.  Normally, an attack is auto-resolved if 24 hours have passed and the enemy player has not loaded into MyKeep and resolved the attack actively be defending their keep.  This auto-resolve mechanism ensures that if someone stops playing, or is away for sometime, an army isn't stuck attacking someone.  The normal auto-resolve is a sort of coin toss on which side wins the attack, with a slight variance on rating (a higher rated player has a slightly higher chance to win).

With the wizard auto-resolving, the variance slides more towards the defending player.  And with the tech tree focused on the wizard, this further enhances this mechanism.  But why would this be needed?

The concept behind auto-defense is aimed at someone who enjoys the strategy elements of MyKeep (putting together effective armies into waves, planning upgrades, finding good targets, and juggling armies attacking other players), but does not like the active defending aspects.  While this may seem like all that Warkeep is (especially in other modes), there's been enough discussions with potential players that are not huge tower defense fans but like the concept of the "anti tower defense" in that they handle the waves and allow someone that likes that style of game to resolve.

Auto-defense is also useful for when on vacation or away from the game for a longer period of time.  It will allow a much better chance to have defended properly and gained some resources during that period.

Now this may sound like something which can be abused.  I can just spend a bunch of resources and this wizard, when upgraded, can basically win every incoming attack.  To balance this, including someone spending a lot of money to purchase resources, the initial cost to activate the wizard increases each time its used.  The thinking behind this is that the wizard is not someone you own, but acts as a sort of mentor and shopkeeper.  As such, his costs will increase forever on that player every time he is asked to help.  Therefore, it is wise to use his services when absolutely necessary.

On top of this, the upkeep will continue to increase daily at a very rapid rate.  It will greatly reduce being able to efficiently spend resources towards being able to attack and defend the keep which means while the defenses may have been more successful while it was running, when it wears out you now have no resources to purchase more troops, upgrade, and build a stronger keep.

What are your thoughts?

William Phelps
Creative Director of Warkeep
Quarter Onion Games