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    It was hinted at a bit with our previous post about Warkeep, but we are in design phases for both a few core games and a framework that would combine all 3 into one experience.

    The general (and subject to change) concept is as follows:

    • Each of the three games will function as their own single player experience as their main focus. Warkeep, for instance, will have a 16-stage story arc along with other built-in modes like direct multiplayer, and some asynchronous modes we’ve discussed in the past.
    • If someone would like to use the framework-based mode, they would select it within their respective game.
    • The mode would be split up into “shards” that each have a defined limit to the amount of slots each game can represent. Once those slots are filled, the shard would not accept any more players from a given game (though if someone quits a shard, that slot would open up again).
    • The player would either select to join a shard that has an open slot (either a public shard that allows anyone to join in, or a private shard that requires a password), or creates a new shard.
    • Once a shard is live, each game uses its own interface to interact with the continent. For instance, with Warkeep being focused on a more strategy-based gameplay style where you are liberating a country from some invading force in the normal story, Warkeep players would see conquered regions that they can select to bring up the normal Warkeep gameplay to liberate it. As they continue to liberate areas, the map would adjust to show the changes being made.
    • Each game would have an indirect result to the other games. Warkeep liberating regions could open up other games to utilize those areas, and the other games could provide bonuses to the Warkeep players.

    One major benefit of this system is that it would make it largely platform agnostic. While any direct multiplayer that could exist would be mostly limited to a given platform (especially if consoles would be supported in future incarnations of this framework), the indirect results of actions taken in a shard could be pushed to anyone playing on any platform. Therefore someone playing a mobile version of Warkeep (which is its primary platform) would provide benefits to someone playing Game 2 on Windows, and other benefits to someone playing Game 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

    While we have a ways to go to build this framework (which would begin sometime after the launch of the 3 games), we are very excited to see what this framework could provide to games overall. We’re especially interested in seeing what narrative benefits this could provide to primarily single player games where we could still design an engrossing narrative while allowing other games to interact with elements the player is seeing (i.e. a single player RPG could see the results of someone else running the towns the player interacts with, and a war could be brewing on the outskirts of the playable area that spills over providing additional content while not requiring direct multiplayer).

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