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Updated Patch Notes for July 9

The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest update.

  • While somehow the corruption fight did allow the game to not crash if all party members died in rare cases (such as damage shield or encounter wide attacks), an additional condition has been added to allow the system to pull from dead party members to add as a corrupted boss.
  • Resolved issue where death penalty in score was applied during corruption fight.
  • Resolved issue where the highest corrupted party member was not always selected due to a minor issue in code checks.
  • Constrained health to 0 or some positive number.
  • Constrained max health to 0 or some positive number.
  • Resolved issue where changing max health was either using the proper function or directly affecting the stat. Now all uses function and should have same results every usage.
  • Traits will now show when earned/removed in the top left log.
  • Resolved issue where "proportional to fury" abilities did not show full tooltip.
  • Summons are now affected by power level. They use the same formulas for individual stat increases and max health as normal effects do to empower the summoned unit.
  • Added ambient sound to each level (WIP).
  • Resolved issue where the entrances/exits in later levels would be hard to click due to their positioning behind the interface. Switched all exits to the same as surface, and entrances as the same as caves.
  • Blinded sight modifier now has a 50% chance to spawn Ember Shards per room versus previous 25%.
  • On first load of Emberlight, difficulty now defaults to Normal instead of Easy.
  • Resolved issue where certain effects had attached SFX that would not shut off as they weren't hooked into Emberlight's audio controller.
  • Resolved issue where floating text above units during attacks would get massively delayed in larger attacks. The text was shifted over to each unit to manage its own text versus the game UI doing everything. There may still be small delays until the optimal amount of text slots are found, but nothing as bad as before
  • Shrines now only offer positive effects.
  • Temples now offer random effects but have a much higher chance of providing an ability.
  • Ember shard chance for a miniboss ability slightly increased.
  • Graves no longer have a small chance to provide a negative effect as the Skeleton spawn is negative enough. Spawn chance increased to 100%.
  • Disabled animation on chests in trap and treasure rooms.
  • Map now once again properly opens with current room focused. Additional updates to back-end map generation to be more efficient with the isometric change. Current room identifier also a bit more prominent.
  • When all props in a room have been interacted with, non combat rooms now show the cleared icon. The only exceptions are the town portal, gambling hall, and tavern.
  • Resolved issue where humanoid "props" like the dealers and innkeepers would not properly highlight with mouse over.
  • Resolved issue where some text lines would fade away and others would not. Text stays on at all times. Will potentially have the log fade out in future when not receiving new text but it'd be too few and far between to really bother.
  • Due to a multitude of issues with how much space moveable doors take, doors do not open or close anymore. This also resolves an issue with doors blocking props and units when open causing issues with interaction.
  • Resolved issue where certain units had animations that moved them which could cause issues like clipping with terrain, or with necromancers where each cast of an ability would eventually move them outside the room.
  • Potentially resolved the targeting issues with smaller units. Its still somewhat messy at times without a complete rewrite of targeting to not use base Unity events.

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