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Updated Patch Notes for July 5

Emberlight has now entered beta phase territory. This latest build is the beta release candidate. Read below for the following changes and updates to the game in the latest update.

  • Resolved issue where due to the way traits setup tooltips, it was causing an error with the recent random power level system
  • Damage shields now reflect a percentage of incoming damage back at attacker making them more useful. Unlike reflect, damage still gets through though. It functions as a poor man's reflect for damage only whereas reflect is 100% any effect.
  • Added button to allow exiting the map. M key still also works to toggle.
  • Increased size of font on unit bars as the font change made the text too small to read.
  • Added "Learned Abilities" text below the bar shown inside an encounter that updates when abilities are learned.
  • Added slot in top right of quest window showing the currently selected quest as there was confusion as to which quest was going to be set for the run.
  • Resolved a spelling error in the town/town portal.
  • Locked quests still show their icons plus tooltip along with the corruption level required to unlock. They cannot be clicked until unlocked.
  • Visual revamp of the target and turn markers to contrast better on all themes.
  • Melee target restrictions removed.
  • Added welcome pop up window that explains the status of build, directs to "How to play" in encyclopedia for new players, and explains the tutorial system.
  • Added tutorial screens for selecting quest, party, and what can be done in town at the start.
  • Added panel that will hold all ingame tutorial notifications (WIP).
  • Resolved potential crash issue when loading quest and a loop got stuck figuring out the current corruption level. Made some adjustments to persistent corruption to compensate. Leveling is now locked at 300 per level versus an increasing scale. Effectively a lvl 3 run or any daily challenge with full corruption should get you a level each time you complete them.
  • Mire room now has translucent slimy water to be able to see the target and turn markers.
  • Power level nerfs are applied to max health and absorb after initial testing. They will both require 10x more the amount of power level for the same effect. In terms of max health, you can still eventually turn it into a one shot kill but it takes a lot more effort. For absorb, it can become a shield greater than your total health with effort.
  • Resolved issue where checking the trait tab in encyclopedia would cause an error. - Ability tier colors are updated to final.
  • Resolved melee restrictions when clicking a target. It was fixed when using tab to cycle targets, but it didn't apply the changes to clicking.
  • Shifted ability tooltips a little bit to have cost at top and gave it a slight gold color to stand out.
  • Using props in rooms will now show a log entry for whatever happened if they are tripped. This applies to shrine, temple, trap, fountain, cistern, campfire, and any that spawn enemies.
  • First batch of tutorials are in. If anyone has any other areas they need more information on, please let us know in the server and we'll add them in.

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