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Updated Patch Notes for July 22

The development team has made the following changes and updates to the game in the latest Changeset 812 update.

  • Updated text for levels, quests, rooms, and units. See the encyclopedia for details as well as map ingame.
  • Added descriptions for the 6 subclasses.
  • Updated text for corruption fight, corrupted boss, and end of run text.
  • Renamed Beholder to Watcher
  • Renamed Mage Ghost to Spectre
  • Renamed Mouse Man to Ratman
  • Renamed Orc Commander to Patriarch
  • Resolved issue where applying damage via debug keys or daily challenge modifiers like Deadline could be circumvented via current effects. They now apply immediately before any calculations.
  • Deadline now only applies up to quest complete (defeating final boss). It will not apply during corruption fight or any exploration after.
  • Difficulty now shows as an icon underneath score at top. You can highlight the tooltip showing current difficulty's effects.
  • Difficulty is added as a fourth icon during daily challenges as the difficulty is also locked in during a challenge run (cannot be changed in options)
  • Combat log shifted to bottom left and taller to provide more log messages
  • Tutorial shifted to top left and setup same as learned abilities (top right) to stand out
  • Various tutorials are updated and include proper icons
  • Added tutorials also notify in the combat log
  • Room icons have been updated
  • Hotkeys shown in tooltips for buttons on bottom except abilities (which have hotkey on the icon itself)
  • Current build shown at bottom right on game interface (will help with last bit of testing)
  • Descriptions expanded on various status effects to give more details as to what they do (such as Charm and Confuse)
  • Resolved issue where drinks were not shifting the cost to the next line
  • Persistent corruption bar added to party select and end of run windows.
  • Various QoL tweaks of all windows
  • Tutorial windows for the initial screens is now shifted to left side of quest, party, and town to allow interaction while its up.
  • Power level upgrading in town portal is now cheaper
  • Unit idle animation is now at normal speed to resolve feedback about units dancing. All other speeds stay the same.
  • Resolved issues with the various volume sliders and mute buttons that were not functioning properly.
  • Stats window can be opened while in abilities and town portal
  • Resolved issues where a bold setting for text was causing it to be blurry in lower resolutions
  • Added icons back in within encyclopedia for most categories
  • Encyclopedia presentation improved (still a WIP for the complete visual shift)

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