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Updated Patch Notes for August 30

The development team has made more improvements to the game. Read the updated changes in the patch notes for changeset 1.0831 below.

  • Resolved issue where "Share A Pint" achievement wasn't being fired off due to a corner case not handled.
  • Additional safety checks added when getting all party members or enemies, and getting a random party member or enemy, to hopefully resolve Blaze Knight getting stuck. This also removes two while loops that could potentially stall the game.
  • Summoned units with "shared drain" now properly give the drain heal to the party instead of enemies.
  • Shared drain now in ability tooltips. Applies to Necromantic Heal and Necromantic Aura where the drain heal is applied to allies.
  • Ability bar now shows a "full cooldown" on any arcane and psionic abilities when the unit is silenced.
  • While previously the buttons would do nothing if clicked when an ability was not ready, buttons are now non-interactable when the ability is not ready. This includes Fury abilities.
  • Resolved issue where "Jump to me" button in daily challenge did not work properly.
  • Resolved issues with moving left/right in leaderboard with the recent back-end changes.
  • Adjusted gambling chances to win to 40%/35%/30% based on amount waged. Will continue to adjust from recent feedback.
  • Props now have a range for chance to fire off versus one set value. This was in response to feedback where graves would spawn a skeleton every click. All props now roll a chance value based on the prop template's min and max, and then test against it per use.
  • Updated all ability and trait icons.

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