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Updated Patch Notes for August 19

We just made updates, changes, and some fixes in the latest build for Emberlight in Changeset 821. Please read about the new purity mode for those wishing for a "good ending" in options as well as the other updates to the game.

  • Rebuilt quest screen to help resolve confusion in determining which quest was selected and how long the quest will last
  • Fixed a few grammar and spelling errors
  • Resolved issue where the persistent corruption bars did not properly update the bar portion
  • Resolved issue where the windowed option was flipped
  • Unit portraits (in abilities window, town portal, and above units on screen) now show stats window when hovering over
  • Traits have all been shifted as status effects to make them more apparent. We'll see how this plays out in later levels where many more status effects are applied and whether we'll need to present the traits differently.
  • Various tweaks to the tutorial messages to align to recent changes
  •  Pushed the updated options window (I apologize Mike for pushing a broken build for testing, it'll probably not happen again)
  • Quest window now defaults to highest accessible quest. It can still be cycled.
  • Updated method for hovering over unit portraits as it was occasionally flipping the toggle
  • Resolved issue where somehow clicking through tutorial windows in quest and party screens allowed the back button to be hit leaving the tutorial window up indefinitely.
  • With traits now in status effects, reduced size of each icon to be 6 wide to handle traits, drinks, and any active status effects.

Purity Run Explained

  • When defeating the final boss, if none of the party members received any corruption (relying solely on town portal abilities), the corruption fight is skipped and a different ending is earned. No corrupted boss is created. This was in response to feedback requesting a "good" ending.
  • Is Purity Run added to options menu. When set, if any party members have 0 corruption but a corruption fight must happen due to another member having corruption, the system will pick a 0 corrupted party member in the fight. This was in response to feedback requesting a "good" ending.
  • If at least one corruption fight occurs, but the survivors are not corrupted, the second ending is earned. No corrupted boss is created. This was in response to feedback requesting a "good" ending.



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