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Simulation Mode

We've had a lot of discussion on how to make the MyKeep mode a bit more interesting.  With the fact that you are typically waiting as an army is either being sent towards a target, or an army is incoming from an enemy player, the only times with "action" are when the enemy armies arrive.  To alleviate this, we've considered adding in a simulation mode for when an enemy player actively resolves an army you sent.

During the time the enemy player is defending against your attack, all actions taken would be saved to the server.  This data would be used once you enter the game and get the message that you attack succeeded/failed.  While the army was returning to your MyKeep, you'd have a button that would bring up the normal game view but there are no controls outside panning the camera.  The entire attack would be simulated.

We see this as both a way to make the attack more eventful outside simply hearing whether it succeeded or failed, and as a training exercise.  If the attack succeeded, how well did it succeed?  Does the army need to be tweaked some?  What sort of keep did it attack?  If the attack failed, why did it fail?  What changes can be made for future attacks?

What is everyones' thoughts on this mode?  Is it something you'd like to see and is necessary for the beta?  Let us know below.

William Phelps
Creative Director of Warkeep
Quarter Onion Games