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Warkeep is a side scrolling tower defense game that combines elements of tile-matching puzzle solving to build a keep with the traditional flair of a top down tower defense game. Players begin by building their keep utilizing wall blocks, rooms, and towers. Rooms provide a unit which will defend the keep to their death, while towers provide units which will automatically target and attack incoming enemies. When the keep is fully built, the enemy assault begins. Players must survive waves of enemies that will stop at nothing to topple the Warkeep. To counter this, the player has their dedicated hero which they can send out to attack or retreat back to the keep when overrun. The player also has access to powerful abilities they can actively use. And as enemy units are killed, gold is gained which can then be spent during the battle to upgrade their rooms and towers to make them more effective. Can you survive the onslaught? If not, the Warkeep will surely fall. But if you can win, you will be able to fight back the conquering army and reclaim the lands from their evil. Do you focus on perfectly constructed keeps that can withstand anything thrown at it? Or perhaps powerful troops that can fight the enemies back? Or you could gain powerful heroes and abilities and fight the army back on your own? The choice is yours in Warkeep.


Warkeep is the first spin-off from the Imagine Nations "fusion" genre concept, where we are focusing on the RTS/strategy elements in a more simple concept that plays well both on mobile as well as PC. Warkeep also lays the foundation for interconnectivity between players while playing single player via the MyKeep mode which allows players to compete amongst one another to be the best player via attacking others with custom armies (a "reverse" tower defense) while actively defending their custom keeps (a side scrolling tower defense).


  • Tower construction using familiar tile-matching gameplay.
  • Fast action side scrolling tower defense surviving against waves of enemies.
  • Fun strategy elements allowing the player to build custom waves and attack other players.
  • Leveling mechanism which unlocks new mechanics (like heroes), tech trees, town generation, new abilities, and more.
  • Endless mode which sees the player fight against endless waves of enemies to compete via leaderboards.


Closed Alpha Trailer YouTube


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Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-02-04-27.png
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Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-02-24-27.png
Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-03-52-61.png
Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-36-56-86.png
Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-03-27-61.png
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Warkeep 2018-08-13 15-36-31-86.png

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About Quarter Onion Games

Quarter Onion Games is an indie game studio focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms. This will be accomplished through addictive and fun games combined with platforms that preserve the single player charm while allowing the community to come together and accomplish larger goals within the connected games. Our target platforms will initially be mobile and PC, with expansion into console when the games best supports it. Our first game will be Warkeep, a side scrolling tower defense game that combines elements of tile-matching puzzle solving to build a keep with the traditional flair of a top down tower defense game. Two other projects are in conceptual stages that will build off of Warkeep and provide the framework for interaction between all 3 games in exciting new ways.

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Warkeep Credits

William Phelps
Creative Director, Programmer

Dan Van Mensel

Michael Hahn
Marketing, Artist

Alex Spinks

Dwane Allwood

Todd Walter
Designer, Writer

Ted Wennerström

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